Knit Sweater Manufacturing

Manufacturing Knit Sweater Clothing with great prices

How to start your Knit Sweatert Clothing order?


Once we establish your garment design, sizing, material, and other essential details, we will provide you with a sampling and estimated production quotation. If you do not already have these details, we can work with you to create CADS, tech packs and size charts.


Whether you place a sample fee or a production deposit for a free sample we will always start by providing you with a sample to ensure all aspects of the garment design and sizing are approved before moving ahead with a bulk order. A sample will be a representation of your finished product in terms of branding, sizing, and materials.


Once your sample is approved, we will send an order form for your approval. This will include the design, composition, colours, sample comments, fit comments, size breakdown and product finishing.

> Knit Sweater Clothing For OEM – (Customized)

Our Knit Sweater Clothing are made of selected raw materials and high-quality fabrics. Whether pure cotton or blended, they have the advantages of comfort, durability, air permeability, etc.

All Knit Sweater Clothing fabrics will be washed before production, and the ready-made clothes will be shaped, to prevent the size of the finished products from Knit Sweater after washing and it make the product feel more comfortable.

We carefully plan every step of the production of the finished Suit Clothing. We constantly improve every detail of the construction process to provide the highest quality products.

The quality assurance is a kind of performance that we are responsible for all customers, and we are proud of it!