Brief Introduction of Embroidery

Embroidery technology is very common and important in the garment industry and its accessories (such as badges, hats, etc.). Generally, to make high-quality clothing or accessories, embroidery will be used for brand logo or design patterns. Through embroidery, it make the pattern more outstanding and quality.

Why Pay Attention to Embroidery Ability of Garment Manufacturers?

The proficiency of embroidery technology and the recommendation of materials directly affect the quality, price and delivery time of finished products. If a garment factory has its own embroidery workshop or a long-term cooperation embroidery supplier, it is the guarantee of the overall quality, price and delivery time, especially when the production quantity is more than 8000 pieces.

Our factory is equipped with embroidery supplier which have cooperated for 21 years. They have a high degree of cooperation in all aspects and have a strong ability to control quality, price and delivery time.

Our Embroidery Factory

Process of Customized Embroidery Service

  • Customer submits design and requirements
  • The computer rearranges the design pattern and chooses the most suitable embroidery thread. (If it is a badge, the fabric is also determined.)
  • The finished design patterns, material requirements and details are sent to the embroidery team for sample or production.
  • Trim and clean excess fabrics and seams, and inspect each finished product to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Distribution to the production line for sewing to finish the product.